Examples of tools built using our data

Reference DB app


Dashboard summarising QOF performance across the whole country, with ability to filter to a single CCG using the map or to a single QOF domain using bubble chart. Colour is driven by points achieved vs available, size of bubbles relates to total points available within a domain or measure.

Promatix was tasked to build this for a CCG using excel files containing all the QOF data, the data crunching took 2 days and the dashboard 2 hours, this time using UKHF the data crunching took 30 mins and the dashboard 90 mins, also the CCG dashboard only contained information for a region of England due to effort to prep the data, whereas UKHF version is for full country.

Reference DB

Produced by Patient DB 

ReferenceDB allows NHS healthcare professionals to easily look up NHS & medical definitions, tariffs, acronyms, national codes and other reference healthcare data on a mobile device. Example datasets include ICD10, OPCS 4.8, PbR Tariffs, NHS data dictionaries (standard, PROMs and also ODS), ODS, DM+D and BNF. Now available on both the Apple & Google stores for purchase and download.