A selection of testimonials

“UKHD has saved our team a lot of time and removed what was an onerous task. We have found it reliable, updated every week. One thing that particularly attracted us to the database is the geospatial tables, which we use for various graphical mapping. Thanks Filipe.”
Nicholas Kirby, Systems Development & Reporting Manager, Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust

“UK Health Dimensions has helped us to streamline our reference data collection processes so that we now expend less effort on maintaining national reference data sets from the Data Dictionary, Connecting for Health, and other providers. It provides us with a single point of access for national reference data that’s relatively simple to update when data is refreshed. One of the key benefits has been the inclusion of historical tracked data – this has allowed us to accurately populate a data warehouse with fully populated dimensions with at least 5 years of activity data.”
Paul Douglas, Head of Technical Development, Central Southern CSU

“I can confirm that we are now successfully submitting the SUS data using UK Health Dimensions, to meet the new Health Act data requirements for reporting by CCG. This has been a smooth transition to using the UK HD reference data, during an otherwise involved implementation of CDS post-fix development changes. Thanks for all your help,”
Jasjit Nicholas, Information Manager, Heatherwood & Wexham NHS FT

“We use the Facts and Dimensions data for internal referencing purposes and in combination with health and care data to enhance the analytics we produce for our customers. Having such a rich source of public data in one database saves us a huge amount of time downloading the datasets ourselves and also enables us to provide additional insight to our customers.”
Tom Binstead, Director of Strategy & Analytics, Dr Foster

“The South London Commissioning Support Unit has been using the UK Health Dimensions reference database and we are very satisfied with the product and it’s a useful addition to our data warehouse. We use it as our primary source of reference data and having a central reference data repository is hugely convenient for us. One of the main requirements for us is that the reference data is valid and up-to-date and the weekly UKHD releases guarantees this. And we are also very happy with the customer support we receive. We have had quick responses to any questions or requests we have raised and issues have been resolved quickly.”
Thushan Liyanage, Data Architect, NHS South London Commissioning Support Unit

“We are using the ODS tables extensively now, and increasingly using the data dictionary history tables as well. This has given us the ability to automate the validation of data in our CDS datasets as well as ensuring that our reference data is up-to-date on iPM by cross-checking with the UKHD database. The database has become a central reference point in a number of our technical offload and CDS processes as well as for manual and adhoc purposes.
Without this “on –tap” we would undoubtedly have needed to use additional resource to get the ODS data in house and in a useable form because as you know we had some significant challenges in April with the change from PCTs to CCGs. I would estimate that this might otherwise have meant a bill of perhaps £20k for someone to work on the ODS files we needed, and of course extra to cover the full data dictionary that we are increasingly using now.”
Jenny Church, Head of Information Assurance, Ashford & St Peter’s Hospitals NHS FT

“I have worked with UKHF for a number of months now, supporting our dashboard work. We had the aim of having all relevant data within the NCDR, some of the metrics that feed the dashboard use publicly available data. UKHF have supported us in this area, using the form I have been able to request for new datasets to be added. This process is simple and effective. Communication is great with constant updates from UKHF. An advantage of using UKHF has meant that our developers have been able to work on other areas, sourcing data directly into the NCDR. We have found that by using UKHF we are able to make data available to all our users, this is also the case for reference data in UKHD. This makes the data our analysts are using consistent- resulting in better quality analysis.”
Amy Hutton, Analytical Support Manager, NHS England

“We have been using UKHD for some years now after trying to maintain things in-house, given the timeliness and the huge width and depth of data within UKHD we deemed it more cost effective than the development and maintenance effort. We use it to update our legacy reference data systems but increasingly directly, it is used in our data warehousing and reporting systems throughout the trust.

It has saved us time and money as we know that we can get most of what we need from it and with TRUD moving to XML delivery we would rather outsource that redevelopment to UKHD. Our technical users also know to look there first if it’s a national reference table that they’re after. Customer support is excellent and the UKHD team are active on the user forums and always looking to help and improve the product.”
Keith Lawrence, Information Development and BI Manager, Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

“We have been using UKHD in our organisation for the last couple of years.  I have started using / accessing data directly from UKHD for the last 2 years.  We have also been using UKHF data as well.   UKHD and UKHF  have got a huge range of National reference data which are used in our organisation for various datasets.  We have also started using SNOMED codes, mapping and descriptions from  UKHD.  All the data is updated regularly. Using UKHD saves us time and man power and time spent to keep all our reference tables up to date.  Regular email alerts keeps everyone updated.  Very quick and prompt response to any sort of queries in the forum. 
It’s very easy and user friendly.  Any new datasets request are always looked into and are made available on UKHD or UKHF at their best availability.  There were situation where the requests were completed before the time than expected.”
Kanya K Maddala, Data Warehouse Developer, Midlands and Lancashire CSU

“UKHD is the main source of information for different set of dimensions, we use in NHSI.
Filipe from UKHD, is the main point of contact for all the information. They are very quick in responding to queries and explaining it in detail, makes our job much easier.
Thank You…!!!”
Vijaykumar Gonela, NHS Improvement