UK Health Dimensions

A single SQL database containing an ever-increasing range of NHS related lookup tables. Updated weekly by us.

Available as a downloadable database or access via a linked server to Azure.

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Facts and Dimensions Ltd have developed a system for auto updating a SQL database once a week, that contains all of the following data with full Slowly Changing Dimension (SCD) history.

      1. NEW! Data Dictionary XSD files for CDS datasets deconstructed and loaded into new SQL tables.
        1. You can now quality assure your CDS data before you output it to CSVs for conversion into XML. This can save days in time taken to get data into SUS.
      2. A table for every data dictionary attribute and data element (Admission_Method, Actual_Delivery_Place, etc) with SCD history back to 2005
      3. Data Dictionary PROMs
      4. Data Dictionary ODS
      5. A table for all the TRUD SDS datasets (GP Practice, Postcodes, etc) with SCD history back to 2009
      6. –> The postcode dataset includes all data from NHS Postcode Directory plus Longitude/Latitude co-ords
      7. An extensive, detailed Date Dimension with one record per day for 1st Jan 1901 to 31st Dec 2199
      8. A detailed Time Dimension with one record per second of the day
      9. An age-band dimension
      10. ICD10 tables, containing the ICD10 2000 version and the 4th edition that came out Apr 2012 as an SCD
      11. OPCS4 tables, all versions since v4.5
      12. NHS111s
      13. PbR tables back to 2010/11
      14. Ordnance Survey tables (LSOAs, MSOAs) which are to be used for building maps of the UK
      15. Read Code v2 and v3 as SCD back to 2012
      16. SNOMED as SCD back to 2002
      17. DM+D as SCD back to 2013
      18. CQC, incl ratings, services, regulated activity, location types, service ratings, specialisms
      19. BNF
      20. NICIP
      21. STPs
      22. GP Patient Survey
      23. Mental Health
      24. NHS Workforce
      25. Improving Access to Psychological Therapies
      26. National Cancer Patient Experience Survey
      27. Ambulance Quality Indicators
      28. Patient Online Management Information (POMI)
      29. EBSX (NHS e-Referral Service)

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A Brief History of the UK Health Dimensions Product

Written by the company owner, Filipe J McManus.

During more than 10 years in NHS Business Intelligence I found that although organisations did maintain ODS databases and some also maintained Data Dictionary tables, it was never their top priority and often the data would become out-dated. Certainly none had the time to develop code to maintain the tables as slowly changing dimensions. Even other systems developed for the NHS with a dimensions module added would only be a basic set of the most common tables and without a history of the data. The fact is that maintaining these dimension tables, although crucial for accurate and meaningful data analysis, would always languish as a low priority.

I first built a mini database of most of the ODS tables when providing contractor services to Colchester Hospital. We kept it updated once a quarter and it became integral to the Business Intelligence function.

Subsequently at NHS Mid Essex, I trained a promising BI Analyst how to program in SQL and SSIS by getting him to build a new ODS Database.

In 2011 I took on some projects for NHS Bedfordshire. It was at this point that I redeveloped the tool to take advantage of Dynamic SQL and the more advanced tools in SSIS, greatly reducing the code involved and increasing its resilience and adaptability.

Realising that this was something that all NHS Organisations needed and that it was a great waste for it to be created separately all over the country, not to mention the risk of inconsistencies between each one, I approached NHS Bedfordshire and we agreed that my company would buy the rights to it for the purpose of selling the software to other NHS Organisations. I then wrote to Colchester Hospital, where the idea had been conceived, and obtained written approval from their CIO to proceed with this concept independently of them.

Over the following months I tweaked and improved the software and also took on additional subcontractors to assist in the project. The most important strategic decision I made was that, rather than sell the software to each user organisation, my company would use it to populate the database ourselves and let customers download it, ready-filled, with each release. This was an important point as it reduced, to almost nothing, the potential for expensive customer IT support needs and removed all the labour from the customer.

In late 2011, a former colleague of mine who was developing a new database system at NHS Berkshire asked me about adding this tool to their system. At this point it still only had the ODS tables. NHS Berkshire became the pilot site for UK Health Dimensions. From then until Spring 2012, my company has greatly increased the scope of the database in response to NHS Berkshire’s needs, adding the Data Dictionary, Ordnance Survey, etc and raising the update frequency to weekly. It is used extensively at the PCT by both their Information and Performance teams. Having proved the concept at NHS Berkshire over time and designed a tight Release Cycle, by May 2012, it was ready to be rolled out to other NHS Organisations.

It is my strong belief that this is something that should be a single standard across the NHS. And of course I hope and aim to make UK Health Dimensions that standard.

UKHD Clients

All UKHD Clients renewed their licences for 2017/18. This means we continue to maintain a perfect 0% churn rate since we began in 2012/13. This goes a long way to prove the usefulness and reliability of UKHD.

All the NHS Commissioning Support Units and DSCROs in England
Ashford & St Peter’s Hospitals NHS FT
Berkshire Healthcare NHS FT
Burton Hospitals NHS FT
Doncaster & Bassetlaw Hospitals NHS FT
Dorset Healthcare NHS FT
eMBED Health Consortium
Fesian Ltd
Frimley Health NHS FT
Gloucestershire Care Services NHS Trust
Harrogate and District NHS FT
Mersey Care NHS Trust
NHS England
North Bristol NHS Trust
Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust
Private Healthcare Information Network
Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS FT
Somerset Partnership NHS FT
South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS FT
Swansea University
Taunton & Somerset NHS FT
University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust

Release Cycle – High Level View

New data is loaded in as it becomes available. We release the database with the latest data once a week to the customers.

New Version Release – Sprint